When is Cleaning your House more than Cleaning?

Earlier today I read Pamela’s blog post about cleaning…it got us chatting on twitter about cleaning.  And I realized how rarely I do any deep cleaning.  This led me to thinking about getting the house cleaned today.

After Church, hubby and I got started.  I cleaned out the kitchen and swept it, he mopped.  I cleaned the babie’s room, he mopped the living room and hallway.  I cleaned the older girl’s room, he got them ready for Awana Bible Club at Church.

I was going to head down to exercise when they left, but then got to thinking how nice it would be to finish cleaning the girls room, and get the bathroom scrubbed down.  And I decided to shoot for that.  And got it done in time to start dinner before the girls and hubby got home.

It all seems to mild and blase’, but as you might already have guessed, things are never so easy in my mind.

I got to thinking about another time I did a lot of cleaning in a short time…and the differences.

Just two days before I fell apart and was hospitalized for postpartum depression and anxiety, I started cleaning, because I was absolutely desperate to distract my mind.  I was on the verge of falling apart.  I started cleaning to try not to cry.  And as my anxiety increased, I was more and more driven to clean.  It became a fevered pitch.  In six hours I cleaned the whole house, started rearranging the basement, did all the laundry in the house, including changing Patrice out of her cloth diaper.

My mind wasn’t exactly racing, but I knew if I stopped, I would fall completely apart.  And I might not be able to pick up the pieces.  When I e-mailed my friend/midwife about it, she asked me to let her get me more help.  But I was too scared.  Two days later I would end up falling apart in her office and hospitalized.

I cannot imagine I will ever forget that feeling or that day.

And hear I am 14 months later, cleaning, but this time, calmly and just for the joy of having a clean house and making my hubby happy and surprised.  He does so much of the housework and it brought me so much joy to think of doing this for him, and, myself.

Caitlyn was most surprised by the bathroom “I thought when Sue wanted to look in there that you wouldn’t have really cleaned it–but it was nice and clean and smells good!”

With that kind of reaction…I might have to do this cleaning thing more often!

I was going to head to bed, but started folding laundry…This will leave just cleaning my own bedroom tomorrow! Yay for a day off to take kids to the doctor for checkups and to get the rest of my house in order.  Ahhh…

When has an everyday activity become much more in your life?  When have you found joy in doing teh everyday?

Survive til you Thrive!

4 Responses to When is Cleaning your House more than Cleaning?

  1. I felt kind of bad when we were tweeting about it but in the end, yay for you!

  2. it was a big yay! I cannot even tell you how pleased I was last night and this morning. Now I am trying to finish up all the laundry!

  3. I am finally finding the joy in the morning routine with both girls after dreading it for over a year. My biggest trigger for anxiety was the morning rush to get out the door. I am finally finding the small, beautiful moments when I first wake up the girls. It’s so great to just enjoy the little things.

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