Life Feels Good

As you know, I have had a long (almost 2 year) battle with depression and anxiety.  I have seen three different doctors, been in the hospital three times and been on many medications.  I have gotten minimal relief from the various things tried. 

My thinking has gotten so muddled with it all that I don’t even know when I am doing better and when things are getting worse anymore.

My husband has stood there through it all, encouraging and loving me all along.

Saturday I was nervous about a few things.  I was irritated with said husband for not doing aned saying things just as I would wish.

Then he did one better.

He wrapped his arms around me and said “I know this is a hard week, but you are the most like yourself you have been in a long time.  Welcome Back Charity.”

Life feels good right now.

Survive til you Thrive!

3 Responses to Life Feels Good

  1. This made me all teary-eyed, too! (You are starting a trend! 🙂 )

    This past few days you have sounded more like yourself than you have in the last several months. I am praying you can continue to have more good days than bad!

  2. So happy for/with you. You got this, my dear. You got this.

  3. Aw that is so wonderful!!! So happy for you. 🙂

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